Using the Cosmic Energy Shift for Our Benefit in 2017 and Beyond

Section I. Introduction



This is good news for those who understand what the change is all about. For those who do not, fear and chaos often hold sway. 

We’re at a tipping point in our planetary evolution. It’s time to choose whether you want to embrace a new paradigm of the “new human” or choose to remain in the “old energy.”  

How would you like to harness and use for your benefit a benevolent source of energy which resides inside you and is all around you but is untapped, misunderstood and even dormant? 

How many of you struggle with feeling down and even depressed far more often than you would care to admit, even to yourself? 

How many of you wake up in the morning down and even depressed? 

How would you like to wake up in joy, feeling and knowing your empowerment? 

It is entirely possible and in fact is necessary if you want to live in peace, joy and well- being in the years to come. It is time to shift paradigms.  

Waking up in fear and angst is a paradigm of the “old energy.” 

Waking up in joy and free from worry and anxiety and fear is the paradigm of the “new energy.” 

Section II. The Shift 

What’s the shift all about you might ask? As a reference source I have written a book about it entitled, “The Shift Has Hit The Fan” available on Amazon in which I discuss and describe the powerful change in energy we’re experiencing now. Additionally, there is a wonderfully simple description and explanation from Jeshua ben Joseph (Jesus) as channeled through Judith Coates,,  you can read in her latest book, “Absolute Love, Infinite Light, Volume VII,” from her series, “Jeshua The Personal Christ.” 

Technically the shift is called the precession of the equinoxes but don’t let that scare you. Jeshua talks about it so simply when he explains that  our Solar System and Holy Mother Earth move around our Galaxy and is presently aligned with the Milky Way Galaxy center, giving us a clear pathway to receiving the cosmic energy emitting from the center of the Galaxy. We are in a new area of space in our Galaxy or in other words, there are no other solar systems blocking the energy that is flowing to us from the center of the Galaxy. It’s an energy or shift that our scientists are studying and measuring now. 

This cosmic energy can be described as benevolent and is the “field” around us to which we’re connected and interact with either consciously or unconsciously. This is important to know and remember because in the “old energy,” the planet had an imbalance of dark/light quotient meaning we have been controlled or dominated by dark energy that has been dominate on the planet. This is now changing because of the shift and the cosmic energy is a more loving, nurturing, creative and especially compassionate feminine-like energy. This energy enhances all that we think and feel. So it’s time to get really conscious about our personal vibrational frequency which evolves out of our thoughts and feelings. 

Here’s a caution; if there is no acknowledgment of the shift on the part of individuals and accordingly a conscious shift into becoming a “new human,” things can get worse because you cannot stick an “old energy” paradigm into the “new energy.” I’ll discuss why later on. 

This benevolent energy can also be described as the “field” around us. It is an energy that wants to harmonize all energy.  Dr. Joe Dispenza, cites a brilliant example which demonstrates this subject so clearly. It goes something like this. When 36 metronomes were placed on a table all ticking at a different beat or rate, within about a minute and half, they were all ticking at the same average speed. What this tells us is that the “field” (see the Lynn McTaggert discussion below) wants to harmonize with our efforts. This “field” or cosmic energy, responds to us and our intentions.

Continued in about 2 weeks.

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