Yes Virginia, There is a Santa Claus.

    From the New York Sun Newspaper

September 21st, 1897 by Francis Pharcellus Church


The loving wisdom contained within this article is deeply moving for me. For those of you who have small children, please read it to them if you feel it is appropriate. Love just oozes out of every inspired word. Thank God for the author,  Mr. Church. Enjoy.

And so it begins . . . . . . . .

Blog. Giving Thanks for Divine Intervention

edited-personal-photo-paint-resized-one-quarter   Giving Thanks for Divine Intervention

Why is asking for help so important?

 In the previous blog, we discussed the dimensional shift we are experiencing now. Believe it or not, it is a shift into a more benevolent and compassionate  collective consciousness.  It may not seem like it yet but when you remember that any time there is a shake up of change, it’s akin to turning on a light in a room that has only known darkness. All kinds of nasty creatures may have lurked there protected by the darkness. They scurry around in the light attacking and trying to destroy the light.

We said that continuing to function as the “old energy” of struggle and survival, dominance and control,  will back fire on us because whatever we express vibrationally, bounces back to us in amplified form. Therefore it behooves us to become conscious as to what and how we’re vibrating through our thoughts, emotions and beliefs

The new paradigm is all about self-empowerment through self-acceptance and self-love.

Because of the generational teachings from life time upon life time, we have a DNA of duality expressing as struggle and survival. Because we believe we have to dominate and control others to be secure which is in stark contrast to a loving and compassionate energy, we are looking at turning around the Queen Mary on a dime. A part of this “old energy” of domination and control, is playing victim which is equally difficult to release. This is why asking for Divine Intervention is so important.

To put another perspective on it, people feel disconnected and disenfranchised. They feel abandoned and live in fear, struggle and survival with little joy and inner peace. They don’t know how to empower themselves to create the life they desire. Above all or at the bottom of it all, they don’t know how to connect with their inner Creator Source for guidance as to how to shift their personal vibrational signature.

The question remains, how do you become the “new human” in the “new consciousness” or the new you? There is so much polarization here as we move from the “old energy” to the “new energy” that we need help or a boost to make the transition into being the “new human.”

Just to be clear as to what the old and new energy is, I offer the following;

  1. Old energy – is survival based on aggression, control over others, survival of the fittest, victim.
  2. New energy – is compassion and living from a loving heart. Connecting with your higher-self, soul, inner holy Spirit and focusing inward for solutions rather than looking outward for solutions. Quieting the mind and listening for inner guidance.

Time to call in the big guns!

But how? Here are some suggestions.  With practice, you will find your own way or process.

  1. When looking for solutions or guidance, connect through love, to your sacred heart and listen to inner guidance.  Ask Spirit, what is it you want me to know? What is it you want me to do?
  2. Thank Spirit for Divine Intervention in assisting you to turn your thoughts, feelings and beliefs into Divine Love or whatever else it is you are desiring.
  3. There is a simple answer which is to dwell in Divine Love in every ‘now.’ Easier said than done however. Where do we begin then?
  4. My book entitled: Five Steps to Experiencing Self-Love,”,  I discuss how to define what the “new you” is.
  5. Remember, for most of us, we need to build a momentum through practice, to change our thoughts, beliefs and feelings.
  6. Here’s a clue as to what will work in dealing with familiar old situations that really push your buttons. Let’s say someone is accusing you falsely of something. In the “old energy,” the typical response would have been going into reaction, that is, behaving and thinking defensively and/or counter attacking. The “new energy,” calls for a response of creation not reaction which means; remembering you want to keep your vibration on a higher frequency which is done by feeling compassion for someone who falsely accuses. Wisdom teaches that someone who behaves in such a manner is deeply fearful and is calling out for love although they do not understand their behavior as such. It’s always about responding as the creator that you are, not in the old robotic survival mode which is discordant energy. Your creative response maintains harmony within and that is the point. Easier said than done but with practice, your life will soar as you maintain alignment with your higher-Self.
  7. Creation over reaction will carry you far.

Blog: Allowing Your Self-Mastery to Unfold


“The Shift”

What is the dimensional shift from which this website takes its title?

There is a dynamic paradigm shift in human evolution under way.  Our planet is going through an evolution of consciousness and here, we will cast light on how to become the “new human” in the “new consciousness.” In my book entitled “The Shift Has Hit the Fan,” (available on Amazon, I go into the “shift” in greater detail. Also please listen to our first podcast where we discuss this in amplified detail.

We will talk about the changes in how you are to think differently about yourself, your world and the world at large. As you embark upon this process which we’ll discuss in greater detail, you will be uncovering your self-mastery which we’ll define here as a conscious awareness and connection to Source. When you are in this state of awareness, which is the mastery of focus as Abraham-Hicks says, you have wonderful moments of feeling inner peace and joy. This mastery is what we’re all about here and will be discussing how you get there as we proceed.

“We’re either walking in ego/fear or in surrender or alignment/connection  with our inner divinity.”

You may be hoping that I’m going to tell you how to take control of yourself and your life but it’s almost the opposite. I want you to relax and release all the old beliefs, thoughts and feelings you’ve had up until now.  Why?

Doing things the same old way gets you the same old results- how many times have you heard that truth?) Therefore it’s time to take a fresh look at everything. Now I’m not saying you should throw the baby out with the bath water but rather, change the water and the way you’ve always thought about yourself and life.

How are we to release and let go of old thoughts, feelings and beliefs?

1. Breathe . . . . .  recognize your power of choice, go into your heart center to generate love, trust and self-acceptance.

2. Set a pure intention to release all the old energy beliefs, feelings, thoughts and behaviors. Please see the free meditation below to assist you and my book, “Five Steps to Experiencing Self-Love available on Amazon; Just click on the link.

3. Use meditation to embed a new state of being. Please see my  free”Five Steps to Experiencing Self-Love” meditation here on this website:

4. As old energy ego thoughts and feelings of doubt and fear arise, acknowledge them and release them. One now at a time, shift your focus into the heart center. As Jeshua says in Volume VII, Absolute Love, Infinite Light, Jeshua the Personal Christ. . . “That is where you abide, in the place of the eternal Now, forever going forward in the Now. Breath peace into the NowBreathe peace into your Now . . .”

5. Gratitude. Coming on the wings of this shift is Divine Help. Above all, look within for Divine Intervention with help in releasing the old energy of survival and struggle.

What we’re talking about here is moving  into allowing life or your sacred heart to guide and lead you. When you do, you will thrive while feeling joy and peace bubbling up along the way.

However, separated ego has had control of you for many lifetimes, so much so, that most of us believe that’s who we are. Our true-self, is buried under lots of generational teaching and beliefs that life has to be very difficult. Survival says that the strongest and most aggressive gets to control others but as we move further and further into this energy shift, these concepts will backfire causing great destruction. It’s time to connect to the heart and be guided by the heart which is almost a polar opposite of the struggle and survival mode.

Have you noticed that duality, externally and internally, is becoming more polarized? The evidence is all around us in politics, religion, economics and so on. Even within ourselves we experience greater swings in moods and emotions. Everything seems so intense now not to mention how time flies.

Stay tuned for the next blog where we’ll discuss this whole concept of “Allowing Your Self-mastery to Unfold,” further.

Welcome to our Blog


We’re so honored that you would join our self-help spiritual community, WELCOME! We have entitled our blog, Allowing Your Self-Mastery to Unfold, because this will be all about taking the steps that are necessary to leave the old way of thinking feeling and believing behind. In other words, becoming the “new human” in the “new energy or consciousness” or navigating the dimensional shift that is under way on our planet. What does that mean and what does it take?

Whether we know it or not, we’re all masters on a higher level and that’s where we are going and what we will uncover as we progress. We’ll discuss all this in further detail in the coming weeks and months in the blogs I’ll be posting about once every two weeks. I’m new at this so I will learn how this all unfolds as well. Please feel free to contact me with any requests, questions or comments, by pressing the “contact” button just below the lavender photo above. Again, thank you for joining us.

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