Why is asking for help so important?

edited-personal-photo-paint-resized-one-quarterIn the dimensional shift, we are experiencing now, functioning as the “old energy” of struggle and survival, will backfire on us. The “shift” is a transition into more loving, nurturing and compassionate energy. Whatever we express vibrationally, bounces back to us in amplified form. Therefore it behooves us to become conscious as to what we’re vibrating through our thoughts, emotions, and beliefs.

Because of the generational teachings from lifetime upon lifetime, we have a DNA of duality expressing as struggle and survival. When we believe we have to dominate and control others to be secure, we are looking at turning around the Queen Mary on a dime.

To put another perspective on it, people feel disconnected and disenfranchised. They feel abandoned and live in fear, struggle, and survival with little joy and inner peace. They don’t know how to empower themselves to create the life they desire. They don’t know how to connect with their inner Creator Source for guidance.

Or . . . .  the planet is transiting through an energy shift so how do you become the “new human” in the “new consciousness?” There is so much polarization here as we move from the old to the new. “Old energy” and “new energy.” Define and describe it.

  1. Old energy – is survival based on aggression, control over others, survival of the fittest.
  2. New energy – is compassion and living from the heart.

Time to call in the big guns!

But how? Thank Spirit for Divine Intervention in assisting you to turn your thoughts, feelings and beliefs into Divine Love or whatever else it is you are desiring.

There is a simple answer which is to dwell in Divine Love in every ‘now.’ Easier said than done however. Where do we begin then?

Thank Spirit, Source, for assisting you through Divine Intervention in shifting into the “new you.” My book entitled: Five Steps to Experiencing Self-Love,” I discuss how to define what the “new you” is.

Through understanding the power of healing that love contains, exploring self-acceptance, self-love. Connect through love, to our sacred heart and listen to inner guidance. Practice compassion for self and others. Gather with like-minded people to create a loving group energy to help transform the planet.

According to, (include link) it is a battle between the physical self and the higher self. What this comes down to is getting conscious about what energy we’re vibrating in. There is nothing to fix but merely relax and allow the Spirit/matrix which is all around us, to assist us in vibrating higher. Although this may sound very passive, it is indeed action. We are to consciously relax and release all the “old energy” of struggle.

  1. Use the breath to relax. Take a few inhales and exhales focusing on relaxing with each inhale and exhale.
  2. Use affirmations of joy and peace, speaking out loud if possible. Kryon says that in the past, in a thicker and heavier energy, affirmations were weak at best. However in this “new energy,” because we have help through the “field” or Spirit, a benevolent energy around us, our word vibrations are resonating like a tuning fork on the field. Like attracts like as Abraham-Hicks has taught us, so now that the “field” has turned up it receiver volume through the energy shift of compassion, we are heard. Or another words, the veil is thinning. As Abraham-Hicks or Esther Hicks has said, “happy healthy, happy healthy, happy healthy.
  3. Walk in gratitude, another name for love/Love.
  4. Focus on relaxing and releasing all discordant energy when it comes up.