Episode 004: Michelle Karen, internationally acclaimed astrologer and shaman

Michelle is one of the most powerful astrologers and shaman working on the planet now and when you listen to this interview, you will understand what I mean. She also gives us a very insightful forecast for 2017 and one that shouldn’t be missed! This is a “must listen” broadcast!



Episode 003: Kevin Collins and His Mystical Trilogy

K. L. Collins is an Ivy-League-educated author whose writing career began in television on the Showtime series “Soul Food.” For more than a decade, Collins worked at several large Hollywood studios, including Paramount Pictures, Warner Bros. and Dreamworks. Born in the United States, Collins has also lived in Africa and Europe and is fluent in French. Authors who have been an inspiration include Stephen King, Whitley Strieber, William Peter Blatty and Robert Ludlum. Today, Collins focuses on writing novels and teaching college-level screenwriting for both television and film.

Kevin Collins screen writer and author talks about his mystical trilogy entitled, The Unveiling Series, in the life of an heir to a Cabal’s wealth and dark secrets.  If you like the Star Wars sagas, you’ll love this

Episode 002: Mastery: Living the Highest You with Glenn Berkenkamp

Glenn Berkenkamp is writer, teacher and storyteller with a passion for awakening humanity to its higher divine nature.  Born and raised in New Jersey, Glenn became a world-renowned fitness expert by the age of 21. At age 23, Glenn followed an inner calling that led him to California. It was here that he began a deep journey into holistic health and well-being, the nature of reality, and the mind, body, spirit connection. An accomplished screenwriter, Glenn’s first book, “Mastery: Living The Highest You” is currently touching lives worldwide.

Episode 001: The New Human in the New Energy

Welcome to the “Woo-Woo World” of Comfort Food for the Soul!

In our first podcast, Sarah interviews her mom, Char, about the energy shift our planet is transiting through, what it is and the consequences to us. What are we to do to become the “New Human” in the “New Energy,” or our evolving consciousness. Enjoy!