Installment VII

By now you are beginning to feel more self-love and self-appreciation through your powerful intentional breathing practice. This is the whole point of this seven week happiness class, growing self-appreciation and self-love. 

Here’s additional ideas for decrees and meditations        

 Regarding health

  1. Beloved Innate Body Consciousness, release all inappropriate thoughts, beliefs and feelings which keep me anxious.
  2. Beloved Innate Body Consciousness, release all inappropriate thoughts, feelings and beliefs that create fear within me.
  3. Beloved Innate Body Consciousness, release all inappropriate things, habits and beliefs that keep me unhealthy.
  4. Beloved Innate Body Consciousness, release habits that I think I don’t have control over.
  5. Beloved Innate Body Consciousness, release all the frustrations that keep me from moving forward.
  6. Beloved Innate Body Consciousness, release all that is inappropriate to a strong and balanced immune system.
  7. Beloved Innate Body Consciousness, release all inappropriate feelings and beliefs of victim-hood and helplessness.
  8. Beloved Innate Body Consciousness, remove all cravings, whether emotional or physical, that are detrimental to my health and well-being
  9. Remember the four steps Jeshua used to heal;
    1. Acknowledge the physical condition
    2. Accept that you have God within you.
    3. Close your eyes and visualize yourself whole and well. See a mirror image of yourself, whole and perfect.
    4. Allow through surrender the power and energy of Spirit – Divine Love – to flow through you.
  10. Add your own

 Regarding worthiness

  1. Beloved Innate Body Consciousness, release anything that limits my definition of who and what I am.
  2. Beloved Innate Body Consciousness, remove all resistance to loving myself and my body.
  3. Beloved Innate Body Consciousness, let go of the “old energy” of me
  4. Beloved Innate Body Consciousness, remove all barriers to feeling and knowing my worthiness.
  5. Beloved Innate Body Consciousness, remove all barriers to knowing and feeling my magnificence.
  6. Dear Innate Body Consciousness, release the old tapes of criticisms that play in my head. They don’t belong to me. Release them, thank you.
  7. Dear Innate Body Consciousness, create “new energy” tapes that are filled with self-love, self-appreciation, self-worth and worthiness.
  8. Beloved Innate Body Consciousness, release all barriers to prosperity in all forms, such as financial, health, friendships and a perfect life partner.
  9. Beloved Innate Body Consciousness, remove all barriers in my DNA and Akash that prevent me from knowing happiness and unlimited creativity.
  10. Add your own

 Spiritual shift

  1. Beloved Innate Body Consciousness, open me up to receiving the Love of God.
  2. Beloved Innate Body Consciousness, wake me up to knowing my Inner-Presence
  3. Beloved Innate Body Consciousness, remove all barriers to awakening to my Divinity

Decrees at bedtime.

  1. Beloved Innate Body Consciousness, thank you for serving me, I love you.
  2. Beloved Innate Body Consciousness, thank you for the joy, love, freedom and magnificence that I am and that I have experienced today.
  3. Dear Innate Body Consciousness, create thoughts that calm me and put me peacefully to sleep so I sleep soundly, waking refreshed.
  4. Beloved Innate Body Consciousness, remove all inappropriate Akashic Record barriers to enjoying a sound and peaceful sleep of 8 hours.
  5. Create your own


In closing, I had an experience very recently that I felt came right out of my Innate Body work because it was an epiphany-like visceral knowing. As I was making my bed at the start of my day, I was throwing a decorator pillow up to the head of the bed from where I was standing at the foot of my bed and I suddenly became aware as I tossed my first pillow that I harbored some anger and resistance to starting my day. I was totally unaware of the anger and resistance I harbored as I went about my day. Like dark clouds parting to reveal the sunlight, I saw that love changed everything. I tossed the next pillow in love and it all felt so different. I had an insight as to how I can transform my life through all the little routines and even minutiae of the day by doing so in love. I saw that everything I do during the day will be done in loving joy and as I do so, I will awaken to my divinity even further.  Now I can see you nodding your head like you know and understand this already. Remember however that I have written books about these subjects. This experience was different because I had the awakening at a visceral level and it was wonderful, even sublime.

Here’s to your feelings of well-being and happiness.


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Installment II: Using the Cosmic Energy Shift

Using the Cosmic Energy Shift for Our Benefit in 2017 and Beyond


Installment II Continued from first blog installment.

 Because of this Cosmic Energy impacting us now, if we start a project our chances of success are increased dramatcially because of the help from the Cosmic Energy field around us. Or even consider returning to a cherished project that seemed to have previously failed, the results may be different this time if we are vibrating as a “new human” because the energy around us wants to harmonize with our efforts and thus is assisting us or enhancing our efforts

 Lynn McTaggert,, described this field so beautifully in her book entitled  The Field,. . .  “there is no void or empty space in the universe but an infinite field of quantum particles or energy potentials. These packets of energy are described as the Zero Point Field or ZPF,” and McTaggart writes, it is “a heaving sea of pure potential energy. These particles or energy potentials, are the fundamental building blocks of physical existence,” and to clarify, are all around us.

Why am I talking about this scientifically although I’m not a scientist? Because I want you to know there is a physical or scientific basis to what is happening in the hopes that it will seem more real to you.

What does this mean to us then? We can use this energy now because all our efforts are enhanced. That’s the good news and the bad news because if we’re focused in darker and lower vibrational thoughts and feelings, these feelings will go out into the ZPF or field and return to us magnified, amplified and enhanced. If we are vibrating at a higher level, in other words, thinking and feeling benevolently such as gratitude, love and joy, it will return to us amplified and enhanced. This is why if the energy shift is not acknowledged, things can get worse.

Now are you beginning to get the picture of why there is a paradigm shift from the old to the new energy? Just think of the boomerang affect with respect to how you’re thinking and feeling and thus what you’re projecting energetically and what bounces back in spades and you’ll get the picture in a hurry.

The bottom line is that you just can’t keep thinking and feeling as you’ve done so in the “old energy” paradigm. You can’t keep doing what you’ve been doing because if you do, you will experience more and more dysfunction within yourself. You will begin to spiral downhill emotionally and physically.

In summary

As a reminder, it’s important to understand that this cosmic energy – or the “field” – we’re receiving enhances all energy so that if we’re in anxiety it will become more acute, if we’re vibrating love, it will be enhanced, if we’re awakening to our divinity, our efforts will be enhanced.

This shift presents a major opportunity to release things, thoughts, beliefs, habits that don’t work, ESPECIALLY THINGS YOU FEEL YOU DON’T HAVE CONTROL OVER.

This is the time to release blocks and barriers to being who we really are, our True self. If you were absolutely free to be who you really are, what would you be like? Most people don’t even know. That’s what this life’s self-discovery journey is all about. We are so layered over with limiting beliefs and blockages caused by fear and generational teachings from this life and previous lives, we don’t really know who and what we are.

The remedy? Use this benevolent energy to feel good about yourself and to uncover your feelings of worthiness. Now of course this takes practice, patience and time but now that you have the picture of what’s going on and why, let’s move on to what you can do with it with respect to yourself and your life. In other words, how do you shift paradigms?

Using the Cosmic Energy Shift for Our Benefit in 2017 and Beyond

Section I. Introduction



This is good news for those who understand what the change is all about. For those who do not, fear and chaos often hold sway. 

We’re at a tipping point in our planetary evolution. It’s time to choose whether you want to embrace a new paradigm of the “new human” or choose to remain in the “old energy.”  

How would you like to harness and use for your benefit a benevolent source of energy which resides inside you and is all around you but is untapped, misunderstood and even dormant? 

How many of you struggle with feeling down and even depressed far more often than you would care to admit, even to yourself? 

How many of you wake up in the morning down and even depressed? 

How would you like to wake up in joy, feeling and knowing your empowerment? 

It is entirely possible and in fact is necessary if you want to live in peace, joy and well- being in the years to come. It is time to shift paradigms.  

Waking up in fear and angst is a paradigm of the “old energy.” 

Waking up in joy and free from worry and anxiety and fear is the paradigm of the “new energy.” 

Section II. The Shift 

What’s the shift all about you might ask? As a reference source I have written a book about it entitled, “The Shift Has Hit The Fan” available on Amazon in which I discuss and describe the powerful change in energy we’re experiencing now. Additionally, there is a wonderfully simple description and explanation from Jeshua ben Joseph (Jesus) as channeled through Judith Coates,,  you can read in her latest book, “Absolute Love, Infinite Light, Volume VII,” from her series, “Jeshua The Personal Christ.” 

Technically the shift is called the precession of the equinoxes but don’t let that scare you. Jeshua talks about it so simply when he explains that  our Solar System and Holy Mother Earth move around our Galaxy and is presently aligned with the Milky Way Galaxy center, giving us a clear pathway to receiving the cosmic energy emitting from the center of the Galaxy. We are in a new area of space in our Galaxy or in other words, there are no other solar systems blocking the energy that is flowing to us from the center of the Galaxy. It’s an energy or shift that our scientists are studying and measuring now. 

This cosmic energy can be described as benevolent and is the “field” around us to which we’re connected and interact with either consciously or unconsciously. This is important to know and remember because in the “old energy,” the planet had an imbalance of dark/light quotient meaning we have been controlled or dominated by dark energy that has been dominate on the planet. This is now changing because of the shift and the cosmic energy is a more loving, nurturing, creative and especially compassionate feminine-like energy. This energy enhances all that we think and feel. So it’s time to get really conscious about our personal vibrational frequency which evolves out of our thoughts and feelings. 

Here’s a caution; if there is no acknowledgment of the shift on the part of individuals and accordingly a conscious shift into becoming a “new human,” things can get worse because you cannot stick an “old energy” paradigm into the “new energy.” I’ll discuss why later on. 

This benevolent energy can also be described as the “field” around us. It is an energy that wants to harmonize all energy.  Dr. Joe Dispenza, cites a brilliant example which demonstrates this subject so clearly. It goes something like this. When 36 metronomes were placed on a table all ticking at a different beat or rate, within about a minute and half, they were all ticking at the same average speed. What this tells us is that the “field” (see the Lynn McTaggert discussion below) wants to harmonize with our efforts. This “field” or cosmic energy, responds to us and our intentions.

Continued in about 2 weeks.

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Yes Virginia, There is a Santa Claus.

    From the New York Sun Newspaper

September 21st, 1897 by Francis Pharcellus Church


The loving wisdom contained within this article is deeply moving for me. For those of you who have small children, please read it to them if you feel it is appropriate. Love just oozes out of every inspired word. Thank God for the author,  Mr. Church. Enjoy.

And so it begins . . . . . . . .

Blog. Giving Thanks for Divine Intervention

edited-personal-photo-paint-resized-one-quarter   Giving Thanks for Divine Intervention

Why is asking for help so important?

 In the previous blog, we discussed the dimensional shift we are experiencing now. Believe it or not, it is a shift into a more benevolent and compassionate  collective consciousness.  It may not seem like it yet but when you remember that any time there is a shake up of change, it’s akin to turning on a light in a room that has only known darkness. All kinds of nasty creatures may have lurked there protected by the darkness. They scurry around in the light attacking and trying to destroy the light.

We said that continuing to function as the “old energy” of struggle and survival, dominance and control,  will back fire on us because whatever we express vibrationally, bounces back to us in amplified form. Therefore it behooves us to become conscious as to what and how we’re vibrating through our thoughts, emotions and beliefs

The new paradigm is all about self-empowerment through self-acceptance and self-love.

Because of the generational teachings from life time upon life time, we have a DNA of duality expressing as struggle and survival. Because we believe we have to dominate and control others to be secure which is in stark contrast to a loving and compassionate energy, we are looking at turning around the Queen Mary on a dime. A part of this “old energy” of domination and control, is playing victim which is equally difficult to release. This is why asking for Divine Intervention is so important.

To put another perspective on it, people feel disconnected and disenfranchised. They feel abandoned and live in fear, struggle and survival with little joy and inner peace. They don’t know how to empower themselves to create the life they desire. Above all or at the bottom of it all, they don’t know how to connect with their inner Creator Source for guidance as to how to shift their personal vibrational signature.

The question remains, how do you become the “new human” in the “new consciousness” or the new you? There is so much polarization here as we move from the “old energy” to the “new energy” that we need help or a boost to make the transition into being the “new human.”

Just to be clear as to what the old and new energy is, I offer the following;

  1. Old energy – is survival based on aggression, control over others, survival of the fittest, victim.
  2. New energy – is compassion and living from a loving heart. Connecting with your higher-self, soul, inner holy Spirit and focusing inward for solutions rather than looking outward for solutions. Quieting the mind and listening for inner guidance.

Time to call in the big guns!

But how? Here are some suggestions.  With practice, you will find your own way or process.

  1. When looking for solutions or guidance, connect through love, to your sacred heart and listen to inner guidance.  Ask Spirit, what is it you want me to know? What is it you want me to do?
  2. Thank Spirit for Divine Intervention in assisting you to turn your thoughts, feelings and beliefs into Divine Love or whatever else it is you are desiring.
  3. There is a simple answer which is to dwell in Divine Love in every ‘now.’ Easier said than done however. Where do we begin then?
  4. My book entitled: Five Steps to Experiencing Self-Love,”,  I discuss how to define what the “new you” is.
  5. Remember, for most of us, we need to build a momentum through practice, to change our thoughts, beliefs and feelings.
  6. Here’s a clue as to what will work in dealing with familiar old situations that really push your buttons. Let’s say someone is accusing you falsely of something. In the “old energy,” the typical response would have been going into reaction, that is, behaving and thinking defensively and/or counter attacking. The “new energy,” calls for a response of creation not reaction which means; remembering you want to keep your vibration on a higher frequency which is done by feeling compassion for someone who falsely accuses. Wisdom teaches that someone who behaves in such a manner is deeply fearful and is calling out for love although they do not understand their behavior as such. It’s always about responding as the creator that you are, not in the old robotic survival mode which is discordant energy. Your creative response maintains harmony within and that is the point. Easier said than done but with practice, your life will soar as you maintain alignment with your higher-Self.
  7. Creation over reaction will carry you far.