Are you looking for solutions?

Where are you feeling stuck?

In a relationship or no relationship, wealth creation, career change, unhappiness, sadness, confusion and drama?

Most of us have areas in our life where we just can’t seem to get ahead or over and beyond whatever it is that shackles us. So, we look around for advice and solutions. We talk to friends and family, buy books, sign up for classes and all the other assorted external world options that we’ve been trained and taught to do. Generally, we still come up short and end up more frustrated than ever when all along the solutions are within us and flowing all around us.


You say, I would know a solution when I see or hear it and there’s nothing in front of me!

Hang on now and hear me out. In the “woo-woo” world that I inhabit and love, I know that I am surrounded by “God Particles” or little packets of invisible benevolent energy or what some would call the “Mind of God.” Label it as you will, the solutions are swirling around us all for the choosing if we only; “ask and it is given.”

I can hear many of you saying, “been there, done that with no results, thank you very much.”

There are reasons that the solutions haven’t always flowed forth and it all has to do with understanding whether energy is flowing or not and at what frequency.

To begin with, asking is a vibration of lack which is not what we want to be transmitting to the “Mind of God,” that swirls around us. It’s a lower vibrational frequency and since we’re really energy transmitters, we want to be broadcasting at a wave length or frequency that is a match to our desires or put another way, in alignment with that benevolent energy or “Mind of God” that holds the keys to the solutions.

The question is, how to access this repository of solutions?

Always through the breath.

Most importantly, begin by invoking the assistance of the higher realms since your attempts through separated ego have yielded few results, it’s obvious it’s time to call in the “big guns” or angels, guides, teachers and Inner Presence. Do so by visualizing breathing in divine Love as you inhale and then exhale, releasing all in complete relaxation focusing on centering in your heart chakra. Repeat this until you feel balanced and centered within your heart chakra.

Repeat this practice as long as it takes until you begin to realize that the synchronicities, hunches and lucky circumstances are the answers or solutions flowing to you. Don’t worry, you won’t lose out if you miss them at first, you will begin to get the hang of it with practice.

Next, give thanks for the solutions to a challenge you are facing that are flowing your way. Feel gratitude for the assistance you receive in hearing and seeing the solutions that flow your way.

If the solutions still seem to be among the missing, it is because you have old belief systems that are stuck energy within you blocking the receipt of the solutions you so long for.

In my coaching sessions, I have a process that I teach that releases the stuck energy that has been the barriers to fulfilling your dreams. Truly stupendous breakthroughs have occurred over time with many clients, creating synchronicities which carry solutions that have been long sought after.

Additionally, use the decrees of working with your Innate Body Consciousness discussed in previous blogs, see Installments VI and VII here. What you will do is create a decree designed to remove all that is inappropriate within your emotional and physical body systems to hearing and feeling the solutions that are yours of the choosing.

I ask again, can something so simple be so powerful? The answer is an unequivocal yes. With practice, persistence, commitment, and courage, beautiful transformations flow.

Solutions then, really flow from within as you align your energy with the higher Realms through divine Love, trust, and action; the act of taking the breath, centering yourself and then giving thanks for the solutions that are flowing your way.

Remember, it doesn’t take any talent to blame and complain, it takes courage, commitment and love to transform.

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