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😭Does life always have to be so difficult?😡

If you or someone you know suffers from frustration, fear and anxiety or are feeling stuck in business, career or relationships, then this message is for you. Here’s why.

Once you experience the Barrier Breakthroughs that come from working with me in Creating Magical Healing Moments,  you’ll begin to believe in yourself and catapult yourself into living up to your full potential, while experiencing greater abundance, peace and harmony.

You will even be able to create more free time. 😎😎😎

If you ignore it, things just get worse. What most people do when living in unhappiness and stuckness is; deny it, blame others and complain. They may even go downhill. But for most people, none of that works.

  • Job promotions pass by

  • Career opportunities vanish

  • Relationships only get worse

  • Business expansion is nonexistent so scarcity and lack grow

  • Frustration, fear and anxiety worsen.

And what happens if you just do nothing? If you just keep doing what you’ve been doing? You can actually put a dollar figure on what this is costing you. Is it $500.00, $1,000.00, $3,000.00 or $10,000.00 per month? Ouch! 💥

I am a catalyst for change for the better and I absolutely love what I do and I love my coaching clients. Here’s what they have to say.

  • “Every session is so empowering in helping me set up my new architectural practice. I now have strategies in place for marketing and time management combined with goals that are taking me to where I want my practice to grow.” CM

  • “My experience with Char Walter as career and life coach has been transformational.  Char provided me with simple tools and enlightening perspectives . . . that have allowed me freedom in areas that were holding me back in the relationship with myself, others and my career. I highly recommend Char as a coach!” GC

  • “I have struggled with my inner critic and negative ego for quite some time. This frustrating mindset creates ongoing distractions and disrupts sleep patterns. Char gave me the tools and the process to quiet the chatter in my head. I highly recommend her empowering coaching services! CB

    So I ask you again:

     Does life always have to be so difficult?

How would it feel to make that breakthrough in your career, business or relationships, that catapults you or someone you know into that place of inner fulfillment while creating greater abundance in your life?

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LOVE, Char

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Are you looking for solutions?


Where are you feeling stuck? In a relationship or no relationship, wealth creation, career change, unhappiness, sadness, confusion and drama?

Most of us have areas in our life where we just can’t seem to get ahead or over and beyond whatever it is that shackles us. So, we look around for advice and solutions. We talk to friends and family, buy books, sign up for classes and all the other assorted external world options that we’ve been trained and taught to do. Generally, we still come up short and end up more frustrated than ever when all along the solutions are within us and flowing all around us.

What? You say, I would know a solution when I see or hear it and there’s nothing in front of me!

Hang on now and hear me out. In the “woo-woo” world that I inhabit and love, I know that I am surrounded by “God Particles” or little packets of invisible benevolent energy or what some would call the “Mind of God.” Label it as you will, the solutions are swirling around us all for the choosing if we only; “ask and it is given.”

I can hear many of you saying, “been there, done that with no results, thank you very much.”

There are reasons that the solutions haven’t always flowed forth and it all has to do with understanding whether energy is flowing or not and at what frequency.

To begin with, asking is a vibration of lack which is not what we want to be transmitting to the “Mind of God,” that swirls around us. It’s a lower vibrational frequency and since we’re really energy transmitters, we want to be broadcasting at a wave length or frequency that is a match to our desires or put another way, in alignment with that benevolent energy or “Mind of God” that holds the keys to the solutions.

The question is, how to access this repository of solutions?

Always through the breath.

Most importantly, begin by invoking the assistance of the higher realms since your attempts through separated ego have yielded few results, it’s obvious it’s time to call in the “big guns” or angels, guides, teachers and Inner Presence. Do so by visualizing breathing in divine Love as you inhale and then exhale, releasing all in complete relaxation focusing on centering in your heart chakra. Repeat this until you feel balanced and centered within your heart chakra.

Repeat this practice as long as it takes until you begin to realize that the synchronicities, hunches and lucky circumstances are the answers or solutions flowing to you. Don’t worry, you won’t lose out if you miss them at first, you will begin to get the hang of it with practice.

Next give thanks for the solutions to a challenge you are facing that are flowing your way. Feel gratitude for the assistance you receive in hearing and seeing the solutions that flow your way.

If the solutions still seem to be among the missing, it is because you have old belief systems that are stuck energy within you blocking the receipt of the solutions you so long for.

In my coaching sessions, I have a process that I teach that releases the stuck energy that has been the barriers to fulfilling your dreams. Truly stupendous breakthroughs have occurred over time with many clients, creating synchronicities which carry solutions that have been long sought after.

Additionally, use the decrees of working with your Innate Body Consciousness discussed in previous blogs, see Installments VI and VII here. What you will do is create a decree designed to remove all that is inappropriate within your emotional and physical body systems to hearing and feeling the solutions that are yours for the choosing.

I ask again, can something so simple be so powerful? The answer is an unequivocal yes. With practice, persistence, commitment and courage, beautiful transformations flow.

Solutions then, really flow from within as you align your energy with the higher Realms through divine Love, trust and action; the action of taking the breath, centering yourself and then giving thanks for the solutions that are flowing your way.

Remember, it doesn’t take any talent to blame and complain, it takes courage, commitment and love to transform.

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Installment VII

By now you are beginning to feel more self-love and self-appreciation through your powerful intentional breathing practice. This is the whole point of this seven week happiness class, growing self-appreciation and self-love. 

Here’s additional ideas for decrees and meditations        

 Regarding health

  1. Beloved Innate Body Consciousness, release all inappropriate thoughts, beliefs and feelings which keep me anxious.
  2. Beloved Innate Body Consciousness, release all inappropriate thoughts, feelings and beliefs that create fear within me.
  3. Beloved Innate Body Consciousness, release all inappropriate things, habits and beliefs that keep me unhealthy.
  4. Beloved Innate Body Consciousness, release habits that I think I don’t have control over.
  5. Beloved Innate Body Consciousness, release all the frustrations that keep me from moving forward.
  6. Beloved Innate Body Consciousness, release all that is inappropriate to a strong and balanced immune system.
  7. Beloved Innate Body Consciousness, release all inappropriate feelings and beliefs of victim-hood and helplessness.
  8. Beloved Innate Body Consciousness, remove all cravings, whether emotional or physical, that are detrimental to my health and well-being
  9. Remember the four steps Jeshua used to heal;
    1. Acknowledge the physical condition
    2. Accept that you have God within you.
    3. Close your eyes and visualize yourself whole and well. See a mirror image of yourself, whole and perfect.
    4. Allow through surrender the power and energy of Spirit – Divine Love – to flow through you.
  10. Add your own

 Regarding worthiness

  1. Beloved Innate Body Consciousness, release anything that limits my definition of who and what I am.
  2. Beloved Innate Body Consciousness, remove all resistance to loving myself and my body.
  3. Beloved Innate Body Consciousness, let go of the “old energy” of me
  4. Beloved Innate Body Consciousness, remove all barriers to feeling and knowing my worthiness.
  5. Beloved Innate Body Consciousness, remove all barriers to knowing and feeling my magnificence.
  6. Dear Innate Body Consciousness, release the old tapes of criticisms that play in my head. They don’t belong to me. Release them, thank you.
  7. Dear Innate Body Consciousness, create “new energy” tapes that are filled with self-love, self-appreciation, self-worth and worthiness.
  8. Beloved Innate Body Consciousness, release all barriers to prosperity in all forms, such as financial, health, friendships and a perfect life partner.
  9. Beloved Innate Body Consciousness, remove all barriers in my DNA and Akash that prevent me from knowing happiness and unlimited creativity.
  10. Add your own

 Spiritual shift

  1. Beloved Innate Body Consciousness, open me up to receiving the Love of God.
  2. Beloved Innate Body Consciousness, wake me up to knowing my Inner-Presence
  3. Beloved Innate Body Consciousness, remove all barriers to awakening to my Divinity

Decrees at bedtime.

  1. Beloved Innate Body Consciousness, thank you for serving me, I love you.
  2. Beloved Innate Body Consciousness, thank you for the joy, love, freedom and magnificence that I am and that I have experienced today.
  3. Dear Innate Body Consciousness, create thoughts that calm me and put me peacefully to sleep so I sleep soundly, waking refreshed.
  4. Beloved Innate Body Consciousness, remove all inappropriate Akashic Record barriers to enjoying a sound and peaceful sleep of 8 hours.
  5. Create your own


In closing, I had an experience very recently that I felt came right out of my Innate Body work because it was an epiphany-like visceral knowing. As I was making my bed at the start of my day, I was throwing a decorator pillow up to the head of the bed from where I was standing at the foot of my bed and I suddenly became aware as I tossed my first pillow that I harbored some anger and resistance to starting my day. I was totally unaware of the anger and resistance I harbored as I went about my day. Like dark clouds parting to reveal the sunlight, I saw that love changed everything. I tossed the next pillow in love and it all felt so different. I had an insight as to how I can transform my life through all the little routines and even minutiae of the day by doing so in love. I saw that everything I do during the day will be done in loving joy and as I do so, I will awaken to my divinity even further.  Now I can see you nodding your head like you know and understand this already. Remember however that I have written books about these subjects. This experience was different because I had the awakening at a visceral level and it was wonderful, even sublime.

Here’s to your feelings of well-being and happiness.


P.S. I have found that there are many who have taken my free online happiness classes and who have read my books who want to have more personal hand holding from me which is what I love to do.

I am and  Ninja Energy Coach. I will help you unblock your power to break through to the success you’ve always imagined!

 If that is you, sign up for your free session of one-on-one with me, Ninja Energy Coaching, to get the blocked energy moving for a break through to greater success in all areas of your life.

Decrees will set you FREEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeee!

 Installment VI

Incorporate into your weekly practice, the use of decrees spoken out loud when at all possible. They are a fast track to living in the “new energy,” and are particularly powerful when used to heal physical symptoms or issues although not exclusively, indeed.

Our biology is designed to listen to what we’re saying. This IS CALLED INNATE AWARENESS or Smart Body. That is, our body has a consciousness, just as science has found that each of our cells have a consciousness which responds to the commands that we give it/them. Science has demonstrated that plant cells respond to our emotions whether we feel love, anger, resentment and so on. Likewise, our Innate Body Consciousness responds to our intentions and decrees or commands and is awaiting our commands.

Innate Body Consciousness does not exclusively relate to our physical system either, it does everything. For example, it is ready to help our consciousness. According to, he uses the following examples.

  1. Dear Innate Body Consciousness, today I release all inappropriate things that make me anxious.
  2. Today I release all inappropriate things that would make me less healthy.

Kryon says the above are commands, not requests. The command says to the body, here’s what’s going to happen because my consciousness is allied to my spiritual self and my innate body consciousness.  Releasing things that are inappropriate works because my Innate Body Consciousness knows what they are.  

This is all part of the paradigm shift or cosmic energy we have been talking about that enhances and enables our efforts. As a metaphor, it’s like having the wind at our back or beneath our wings. Commanding our Innate Body Consciousness is lifting our sail to catch the wind at our back and in this “new energy,” it is enhanced.

Innate Body Consciousness is an interdimensional phenomenon or consciousness so it works with our Akash and DNA too. Think of the wonderful possibilities.  For example: “Dear Innate Body Consciousness, I release any and all things in my Akashic record that keep me from seeing my magnificence today.” See it as done!

Read over the decrees that I’ve suggested below and choose one or two to work on this week and in the succeeding weeks continue the process.

Regarding starting your day, here are some suggestions. Use any or all or write your own.

As you feel resistance to this process, acknowledge this and take some slow intentional deep breaths releasing and relaxing into your resistance, allowing it to flow through you and then begin this loving process below.

The single most important thing you can do to begin your day is to LOVE, LOVE, LOVE yourself, your day, this moment, your body, your life, every activity and so on. In other words, LOVE, ALL THAT IS, God, your Inner-Presence.

I love me and I love my Inner Presence, the Lord God of my being.

Include as you begin your day, your love for all emotional states including those that are painful. That’s right, including the painful emotional states. Why? Because as long as we live in the energy of duality, it is inevitable that we experience the highs and lows. As we love the pain, it is allowed to flow and is mitigated by our loving embrace.

Here’s an idea for a morning prayer when you get out of bed, “thank you Spirit because I know that today is mine and it is a beautiful, clean slate.  The past is not present now, and the music that my heart sings will be my joy for being in this wonderful bright, beautiful and uncharted day that I am creating. I sing joyfully for this new, brilliant and beautiful day. I will not let others define or limit me because I have God inside and because I am awakening to my divinity.”

Morning decrees

While some of the decrees may seem redundant, they are stated in slightly different ways. Choose whichever one feels best or do two.

Also, I have repeated some decrees, placing them in two different categories. Remember, create your own as well; take ownership of the decrees and this process.

Set a pure intention to prepare yourself for your morning decrees by beginning with intentional rhythmic breathing for about 30 seconds while focusing upon generating love and peace from within and when ready, begin your decrees. I do this process before I get out of bed and before the day’s distractions have my attention.

1.    I love you beloved Innate Body Consciousness and thank you for all you do for me.

2.    Beloved Innate Body Consciousness, remove all resistance within me to loving life.

3.    Beloved Innate Body Consciousness, remove all resistance within me to aligning with loving my Inner-Presence.

4.    Dear Innate Body Consciousness, I am committed to putting love into all that I do today.

5.    Beloved Innate Body Consciousness, remove all that is inappropriate within me and is a barrier to me walking in joy and brilliance as I start and create this day.

6.    Beloved Innate Body Consciousness, remove all anxiety within me about being short of time.

7.    Beloved Innate Body Consciousness, release all inappropriate thoughts, beliefs and feelings which keep me anxious.

8.    Beloved Innate Body Consciousness, release all inappropriate thoughts, feelings and beliefs that create fear within me.

9.    Beloved Innate Body Consciousness, open my heart and mind to freely and confidently move forward to realize my desires.

10.        Beloved Innate Body Consciousness, release all the frustrations that keep me from moving forward.

11.        Beloved Innate Body Consciousness, release all inappropriate memories of the past and free me to allow this day and my future to be filled with joy, love, compassion, hope, success and peace.

12.        Beloved Innate Body Consciousness, because in the “new energy,” the present and future are no longer linked to the past, my future is yet to be created by me, I AM the creator of the new paradigm of the “new human” that I AM becoming.

13.        Beloved Innate Body Consciousness, release all beliefs stating that the past determines the future, therefore

14.        Beloved Innate Body Consciousness, I AM free to think and be in a new and fresh way.

15.        Dear Innate Body Consciousness, give me a vision and a knowing that my day is a clean slate and is fresh and open to be created in joy and love.

16.        Dear Innate Body Consciousness, I deserve to be here and I feel and know the joy of a new and brilliant day of my creation.

17.        Add your own   

Installment VII, in about two weeks, will be the final edition of raising your cosmic consciousness and will include additional decrees. Please give me feedback on this series, any questions, corrections etc. 


Using the Cosmic Energy to Our Benefit in 2017 and Beyond.


Installment V. The Process

Before I move on to the process, I want to point out something that is fundamental to the success of this process.

What some people call “negative” emotions such as fear, depression, grief, loss, gloom, sadness, emotional pain and so on, are healing emotions if you acknowledge them. Think of the person who has lost a loved one and does not allow themselves to grieve for whatever reason. Over time, they become numb and chronically or clinically depressed although it could be years since the loss occurred. Because they did not accept their grief and allow themselves to grieve, in the intervening years, they have missed so much of life. The same can be said for fear or any sadness in which a person swallows their tears in denial. They become depressed over time from suppressing their emotions.

Therefore, when you are not feeling happy at all, acknowledge it and then allow yourself to be unhappy and as you do, that discordant energy flows through you. Take a breath and repeat a few inhales and exhales.

Remember that your daily dialogue is filled with decrees. Get conscious about them. For example, I recently caught myself telling someone that, “I can’t sleep at night.” My Innate Body responds accordingly and makes sure that I’m awake in response to those statements. Since I’ve been talking to my Innate Body Consciousness, my sleep is slowly improving. I’m still monitoring my daily thoughts and spoken word and catching myself more and more with unconscious decrees that are not appropriate to the results that I want.

The process itself is influenced by your attitude –or as the quantum scientific community refers to it, “the observer affect.” That is, if you don’t accept and believe it, the process will not work for you. In other words, your consciousness is influencing the outcome or results. So be sure that you have a pure intention of believing this information and employing it to your benefit.

 If you don’t get the results you are desiring right away, things aren’t always as they seem. Check regularly that your unconscious decrees contained in your daily dialogue and inner dialogue are not contradicting your efforts and continue to work with your Innate Body Consciousness.  Trust, know and feel your Innate Body is responding to your consistent decrees and you will begin to feel little changes in a few days or weeks.

Your spoken word is much more powerful now in this enhanced energy so speak your decrees and affirmations out loud whenever possible.


1.    Speak your decrees out loud for maximum power and benefit.

2.  Through your decrees, you command your Innate Body. You instruct it to release what is not good for you.

3.  It knows all about your issues and consciousness. It requires:

     a.  Pure intent

     b.  Persistence and

     c.   Patience.

     d.  Gratitude and love.

4.  Please refer to in his 2017 San Jose channeling on this subject. Here are a couple of examples from Kryon below.

            a.  Dear Innate Body Consciousness, today I release all inappropriate things that make me     anxious.

            b.  Today I release all inappropriate things that would make me less healthy.

5.  The process itself is very simple.

            a.  Remember, our daily dialogue with our self and others, is also a form of decreeing so watch what you are saying because your unconscious statements can be counterproductive to your Innate Body Consciousness work.

           b.  Our breath is our access and connection to our inner divinity or our interdimensional Innate Body. As Jeshua said about breath, , “ Breath is your connection to spirit. It is the connection between the physical–the incarnation–and the spirit–the true nature of you. So, take the deep breath. Always that is available right there with you, for just a thought. Take the deep breath and then stand in the place of Beholder.”

            c.   Therefore, use your breath to focus within to center and calm your inner-being and TO ACCESS YOUR INNER-BEING.

           d.  Have pure intent, how? Through using your breath, calm yourself and bring peace to your inner-being such as your solar plexus and heart center. This quiets the chatter so you can focus upon your intentional decree.

           e.   Decree and affirm; these are commands not a request or desire.

           f.     Acknowledge fears, anxieties and worries. Make a friend of them and then talk to your Innate Body to release all that is inappropriate and which creates fears and anxieties.

           g.   DECREE, COMMAND, AFFIRM! And as you do, your innate knows what they are. When you do so, you move into a place where you will feel the WIND AT YOUR BACK!!!

           h. The next installment contains a suggested list of decrees where you can start to then create your own. Stay tuned.

One final note. Remember that it is our resistance to loving life that keeps us stuck. Create a decree around acknowledging your resistance and notice how over time, your resistance begins to weaken.