Decrees will set you FREEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeee!

 Installment VI

Incorporate into your weekly practice, the use of decrees spoken out loud when at all possible. They are a fast track to living in the “new energy,” and are particularly powerful when used to heal physical symptoms or issues although not exclusively, indeed.

Our biology is designed to listen to what we’re saying. This IS CALLED INNATE AWARENESS or Smart Body. That is, our body has a consciousness, just as science has found that each of our cells have a consciousness which responds to the commands that we give it/them. Science has demonstrated that plant cells respond to our emotions whether we feel love, anger, resentment and so on. Likewise, our Innate Body Consciousness responds to our intentions and decrees or commands and is awaiting our commands.

Innate Body Consciousness does not exclusively relate to our physical system either, it does everything. For example, it is ready to help our consciousness. According to, he uses the following examples.

  1. Dear Innate Body Consciousness, today I release all inappropriate things that make me anxious.
  2. Today I release all inappropriate things that would make me less healthy.

Kryon says the above are commands, not requests. The command says to the body, here’s what’s going to happen because my consciousness is allied to my spiritual self and my innate body consciousness.  Releasing things that are inappropriate works because my Innate Body Consciousness knows what they are.  

This is all part of the paradigm shift or cosmic energy we have been talking about that enhances and enables our efforts. As a metaphor, it’s like having the wind at our back or beneath our wings. Commanding our Innate Body Consciousness is lifting our sail to catch the wind at our back and in this “new energy,” it is enhanced.

Innate Body Consciousness is an interdimensional phenomenon or consciousness so it works with our Akash and DNA too. Think of the wonderful possibilities.  For example: “Dear Innate Body Consciousness, I release any and all things in my Akashic record that keep me from seeing my magnificence today.” See it as done!

Read over the decrees that I’ve suggested below and choose one or two to work on this week and in the succeeding weeks continue the process.

Regarding starting your day, here are some suggestions. Use any or all or write your own.

As you feel resistance to this process, acknowledge this and take some slow intentional deep breaths releasing and relaxing into your resistance, allowing it to flow through you and then begin this loving process below.

The single most important thing you can do to begin your day is to LOVE, LOVE, LOVE yourself, your day, this moment, your body, your life, every activity and so on. In other words, LOVE, ALL THAT IS, God, your Inner-Presence.

I love me and I love my Inner Presence, the Lord God of my being.

Include as you begin your day, your love for all emotional states including those that are painful. That’s right, including the painful emotional states. Why? Because as long as we live in the energy of duality, it is inevitable that we experience the highs and lows. As we love the pain, it is allowed to flow and is mitigated by our loving embrace.

Here’s an idea for a morning prayer when you get out of bed, “thank you Spirit because I know that today is mine and it is a beautiful, clean slate.  The past is not present now, and the music that my heart sings will be my joy for being in this wonderful bright, beautiful and uncharted day that I am creating. I sing joyfully for this new, brilliant and beautiful day. I will not let others define or limit me because I have God inside and because I am awakening to my divinity.”

Morning decrees

While some of the decrees may seem redundant, they are stated in slightly different ways. Choose whichever one feels best or do two.

Also, I have repeated some decrees, placing them in two different categories. Remember, create your own as well; take ownership of the decrees and this process.

Set a pure intention to prepare yourself for your morning decrees by beginning with intentional rhythmic breathing for about 30 seconds while focusing upon generating love and peace from within and when ready, begin your decrees. I do this process before I get out of bed and before the day’s distractions have my attention.

1.    I love you beloved Innate Body Consciousness and thank you for all you do for me.

2.    Beloved Innate Body Consciousness, remove all resistance within me to loving life.

3.    Beloved Innate Body Consciousness, remove all resistance within me to aligning with loving my Inner-Presence.

4.    Dear Innate Body Consciousness, I am committed to putting love into all that I do today.

5.    Beloved Innate Body Consciousness, remove all that is inappropriate within me and is a barrier to me walking in joy and brilliance as I start and create this day.

6.    Beloved Innate Body Consciousness, remove all anxiety within me about being short of time.

7.    Beloved Innate Body Consciousness, release all inappropriate thoughts, beliefs and feelings which keep me anxious.

8.    Beloved Innate Body Consciousness, release all inappropriate thoughts, feelings and beliefs that create fear within me.

9.    Beloved Innate Body Consciousness, open my heart and mind to freely and confidently move forward to realize my desires.

10.        Beloved Innate Body Consciousness, release all the frustrations that keep me from moving forward.

11.        Beloved Innate Body Consciousness, release all inappropriate memories of the past and free me to allow this day and my future to be filled with joy, love, compassion, hope, success and peace.

12.        Beloved Innate Body Consciousness, because in the “new energy,” the present and future are no longer linked to the past, my future is yet to be created by me, I AM the creator of the new paradigm of the “new human” that I AM becoming.

13.        Beloved Innate Body Consciousness, release all beliefs stating that the past determines the future, therefore

14.        Beloved Innate Body Consciousness, I AM free to think and be in a new and fresh way.

15.        Dear Innate Body Consciousness, give me a vision and a knowing that my day is a clean slate and is fresh and open to be created in joy and love.

16.        Dear Innate Body Consciousness, I deserve to be here and I feel and know the joy of a new and brilliant day of my creation.

17.        Add your own   

Installment VII, in about two weeks, will be the final edition of raising your cosmic consciousness and will include additional decrees. Please give me feedback on this series, any questions, corrections etc.