Using the Cosmic Energy to Our Benefit in 2017 and Beyond.


Installment V. The Process

Before I move on to the process, I want to point out something that is fundamental to the success of this process.

What some people call “negative” emotions such as fear, depression, grief, loss, gloom, sadness, emotional pain and so on, are healing emotions if you acknowledge them. Think of the person who has lost a loved one and does not allow themselves to grieve for whatever reason. Over time, they become numb and chronically or clinically depressed although it could be years since the loss occurred. Because they did not accept their grief and allow themselves to grieve, in the intervening years, they have missed so much of life. The same can be said for fear or any sadness in which a person swallows their tears in denial. They become depressed over time from suppressing their emotions.

Therefore, when you are not feeling happy at all, acknowledge it and then allow yourself to be unhappy and as you do, that discordant energy flows through you. Take a breath and repeat a few inhales and exhales.

Remember that your daily dialogue is filled with decrees. Get conscious about them. For example, I recently caught myself telling someone that, “I can’t sleep at night.” My Innate Body responds accordingly and makes sure that I’m awake in response to those statements. Since I’ve been talking to my Innate Body Consciousness, my sleep is slowly improving. I’m still monitoring my daily thoughts and spoken word and catching myself more and more with unconscious decrees that are not appropriate to the results that I want.

The process itself is influenced by your attitude –or as the quantum scientific community refers to it, “the observer affect.” That is, if you don’t accept and believe it, the process will not work for you. In other words, your consciousness is influencing the outcome or results. So be sure that you have a pure intention of believing this information and employing it to your benefit.

 If you don’t get the results you are desiring right away, things aren’t always as they seem. Check regularly that your unconscious decrees contained in your daily dialogue and inner dialogue are not contradicting your efforts and continue to work with your Innate Body Consciousness.  Trust, know and feel your Innate Body is responding to your consistent decrees and you will begin to feel little changes in a few days or weeks.

Your spoken word is much more powerful now in this enhanced energy so speak your decrees and affirmations out loud whenever possible.


1.    Speak your decrees out loud for maximum power and benefit.

2.  Through your decrees, you command your Innate Body. You instruct it to release what is not good for you.

3.  It knows all about your issues and consciousness. It requires:

     a.  Pure intent

     b.  Persistence and

     c.   Patience.

     d.  Gratitude and love.

4.  Please refer to in his 2017 San Jose channeling on this subject. Here are a couple of examples from Kryon below.

            a.  Dear Innate Body Consciousness, today I release all inappropriate things that make me     anxious.

            b.  Today I release all inappropriate things that would make me less healthy.

5.  The process itself is very simple.

            a.  Remember, our daily dialogue with our self and others, is also a form of decreeing so watch what you are saying because your unconscious statements can be counterproductive to your Innate Body Consciousness work.

           b.  Our breath is our access and connection to our inner divinity or our interdimensional Innate Body. As Jeshua said about breath, , “ Breath is your connection to spirit. It is the connection between the physical–the incarnation–and the spirit–the true nature of you. So, take the deep breath. Always that is available right there with you, for just a thought. Take the deep breath and then stand in the place of Beholder.”

            c.   Therefore, use your breath to focus within to center and calm your inner-being and TO ACCESS YOUR INNER-BEING.

           d.  Have pure intent, how? Through using your breath, calm yourself and bring peace to your inner-being such as your solar plexus and heart center. This quiets the chatter so you can focus upon your intentional decree.

           e.   Decree and affirm; these are commands not a request or desire.

           f.     Acknowledge fears, anxieties and worries. Make a friend of them and then talk to your Innate Body to release all that is inappropriate and which creates fears and anxieties.

           g.   DECREE, COMMAND, AFFIRM! And as you do, your innate knows what they are. When you do so, you move into a place where you will feel the WIND AT YOUR BACK!!!

           h. The next installment contains a suggested list of decrees where you can start to then create your own. Stay tuned.

One final note. Remember that it is our resistance to loving life that keeps us stuck. Create a decree around acknowledging your resistance and notice how over time, your resistance begins to weaken.